Soil House_白浜誠 Soil House_Makoto Shirahama


竣工日 / 2019.6.1
施工 / 東熱パネコン 柴田亮
構造・構法 / 鉄骨造・平屋
規模 / 造地下1階 地上2階建
建築面積 / 540.40㎡
延床面積 / 510.66㎡


写真 / 田中克昌

The Shishido Country Club decided to reopen this second clubhouse due to the increased demand from players to have a place to enjoy a break from the game. It hadn't been used for over 20 years.
Major renovations were required to be made to the second clubhouse (other than to the main structure of the building).
This unprecedented renovation started with the idea of making the second clubhouse into a noodle restaurant featuring locally grown buckwheat (soba).
The restaurant stands in the middle of golf course and is only accessible by players. I thought the restaurant merges with the beautiful rolling landscape. The clay wall part of the landscape naturally invites guests to the interior. They rest under a simply designed hut. With this image in mind, we decided to call this building “Soil House”.
The clay walls and wooden ceilings help creating a comfortable experience for the guests. The materials gradually change in terms of feeling and scale, from the rough clay wall, non-planer wood to thinly divided bamboo screens. This building has been reborn and its intentional design of adding gradational features are akin to the ways in which a green keeper maintains the greens and nature of the golf course.

Year / 2019.6.1
Construction / Tohnetsupanekon.kk. Ryo Shibata
Main Structure and Construction / Steel/1story
Building scale / 540.40m²
Total floor area / 510.66m²


PHOTO / Katsumasa Tanaka