京の温所 西陣別邸__中村好文 Kyo no Ondokoro NISHIJIN VILLA__Yoshifumi Nakamura

建築家 中村好文とミナペルホネン 皆川明が手がける京の別邸。

8名様まで滞在できる「京の温所 西陣別邸」はゆったりと広く、優雅な佇まい。宿内のあちこちにはミナペルホネンのテキスタイルがあしらわれ、皆川明によるセレクトのアートピースが空間を彩ります。また、敷地内には自動車2台分の専用ガレージも。京都の奥座敷、美山や鞍馬、大原などを自動車で巡るといった、より広く、より深く京都が愉しめる拠点にもなる宿です。

竣工日 / 2019年10月01日
構造・工法 / 木造・伝統工法
規模 / 2階建て
敷地面積 / 443.43㎡
建築面積 / 143.15㎡
延床面積 / 196.23㎡


Architect Yoshifumi Nakamura and Minä perhonen's Akira Minagawa have come together to create and design Kyomachiya house in a Premium Kyoto Style. Kyo no Ondokoro is a townhouse produced by Wacoal Corp, founded in Kyoto. Kyo no Ondokoro has started as a CSV project aimed to maintain its hometown's traditional landscape and build a cooperative community through the preservation of Kyomachiya houses. We provide high-quality renovations to uninhabited, unmaintained Kyomachiya houses to adapt them to modern living and manage them as vacation cottages. To honor Kyoto's traditional architectural culture, we keep their outward appearances and signature internal constructs, such as pillars and roof beams, as intact as possible. Recently, this Kyomachiya townhouse, NISHIJIN VILLA, first built for a Nishijin weaving merchant in the late Meiji Era (late 19th/early 20th century), has been renovated to create a new style of residence fit for the future. The Kyo no Ondokoro NISHIJIN VILLA is a comfortable, spacious home with room for 8 guests, recommended for a long-term stay. The premises also include garages with space for two cars, making NISHIJIN VILLA an ideal location for driving further and deeper into Kyoto's various attractive outline regions, including Miyama, Kurama and Ohara. While you stay in a traditional Japanese house (Kyo Machiya) with joy, the townhouse gives you special experiences such as a feeling of Japanese culture, environment and freedom of the trip.

Completion Date / 2019.10.01
Main Structure and Construction / Wooden
Size / 2-storey above ground
Building area / 443.43㎡
Building scale / 143.15㎡
Total floor area / 196.23㎡