東池袋の住宅_照内創 House in Higashi-Ikebukuro_So Teruuchi




構造担当 / フレームワークス
施工日 / 2017年
構造・構法 / 鉄骨造
規模 / 地上3階
敷地面積 / 36.19m²
建築面積 / 25.67m²
延床面積 / 73.53m²


写真 / 若林勇人

3 minutes’ walk from the Toden-Arakawa line’s Mukohara station, in a dense residential area full of small houses all lined up together, there is a narrow site of barely 30m2.

It is a small site, but in the street where it is located remains a former mint bureau, an electric shop, a tailor and other traditional business. In front of the site, there is an elementary school where the children come and go every day filling the surroundings with lots of energy.

This is not merely a house, the ground floor is meant to be the owner’s business in the future, but for the time being it is a rental commercial space.

The building wide is the maximum possible, still it not even 3 meters. For this the structure, foundation and form respond to the need of maximizing the wide by using thin structural walls and compensating the lack of wideness with high-ceiling spaces.

Since the commercial space is located on the ground floor, the living area is located on the second floor and, in between as a separation during the opening hours, the bedroom area. Also, the living area is higher that the buildings around, and the position of the windows allows to have plenty of light and clear views to the distance.

Due to is minimal surface, the functionality is maximized by interlocking spaces and uses being a singular staircase the main element: an extra space on the ground floor below the stairs; on the 1st floor the passage between stairs is a work area and the storage unit is used as a step by the stairs in its way to the 3rd floor; finally, in the 3rd floor the stair is integrated in the furniture.

This way, a particularly narrow space is enlarged by the multiplicity of its complementary usages.

Structural Engineer / Frameworks
Year / 2017
Main Structure and Construction / Steel
Size / 3-storey above the ground
Building area / 36.19m²
Building scale / 25.67m²
Total floor area / 73.53m²


PHOTO / Yuto Wakabayashi