都市の中の住宅_伊庭野大輔/藤井亮介/沼野井諭 House in the City_Daisuke Ibano, Ryosuke Fujii, Satoshi Numanoi

東京都心の住宅地に建つ住宅。室内は廊下がなく、螺旋状に最上階まで連続した空間構成となっている。そのようにスキップ状に部屋が連続しながら、広い階段幅、大きな窓、大きな浴槽、2 段の屋上テラスなど、通常の住宅よりも大きなスケールを同時に持つことで、住宅内外の出会いやコミュニケーションの可能性が広がることを意図した。また、上にいくにつれてボリュームをセットバックさせた隙間から光や風を取り込み、ベンチや机などの配置とセットに扱うことで、そこでの活動がより快適になるように配慮している。


構造担当 / 小西泰考建築構造設計
竣工日 / 2016年
構造・構法 / 鉄骨造(一部RC造)
規模 / 地下1階 地上3階
敷地面積 / 45.84㎡
建築面積 / 27.20㎡
延床面積 / 91.13㎡


写真 / GA photographers


This is a house in a centrally located, urban residential area. The plot is small compared to the surrounding residences, but nonetheless thinking positively about its environs, and sharing and referencing the areas relatively well-preserved residential atmosphere, we set out with the aim to discover a new type of urban home.

Firstly, a multi-layered structure was necessary to secure a good-sized floor area for this plot. To facilitate vertical movement between these layers, we decided to use a spiral circulation to split and connect the floor levels. We also decided to arrange the rooms adjacently without corridors - thus making every area in the house a pathway, and creating a spatial construction of seemingly successive staircase landings.

The plot faces the road on its northern side, but is bordered by buildings along its other three edges. For this reason, hardly any sunlight nor breeze enter the lower floor. To combat this issue, we incrementally set back the volume of each upper floor, and installed skylights and jalousie windows in the openings so that each room has light pouring in from the sky and enjoys a fresh breeze. Each of these windows are accompanied by other elements such as a dining table, day bed, bathtub and benches etc., so that the rooms are imbued with a comfortable feeling similar to that of relaxing outside on a sunny day.

As long as residences are located in cities, they not only need to act as protection from the outside world, but also as starting points for urban encounters and communication. We believe that by embracing their public nature and providing comfort, residences allow the diverse internal activities of their occupants to progress naturally into the outside world, creating beneficial relationships in which individuals and cities resonate with each other.

Structural Engineer / Konishi Structure Engineers
Year / 2016
Main Structure and Construction / steel structure (partly reinforced concrete structure)
Size / 1 basement floor and 3-storey above the ground
Building area / 45.84m²
Building scale / 27.20m²
Total floor area / 91.13m²


PHOTO / GA photographers