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構造担当 / TAPS構造計画事務所
竣工日 / 2013
構造・構法 / 木造一部鉄骨造
規模 / 地上3階
敷地面積 / 233.12㎡
建築面積 / 79.52㎡
延床面積 / 120.89㎡


写真 / 河田弘樹

This is a house for a family of four in Ikoma city.
The site had been divided into two levels with a retaining wall, and vehicle access was to the lower level only. We removed the wall, connecting the two levels with a gentle slope, and floated the house above it.
By elevating the house on piloti we created good views and an all weather outdoor space which is also a children’s playground and the entrance porch.
The window rail on the second floor is cantilevered to allow wind flow inside.
The kitchen counter is a thin concrete slab on a timber frame and maybe it is suitable to call it just a flower stand.
The third floor is a cramped but has free flowing atmosphere like an attic.
Children are running around these three floors now.
We hope that this family of four can have a house for their family in the wake of the 3.11 earthquake and live comfortably in their own way.

Structural Engineer / TAPS structural design office
Year / 2013
Main Structure and Construction / woodenframe house and steelframe house
Size / 3-storey above the ground
Building area / 233.12m²
Building scale / 79.52m²
Total floor area / 120.89m²


PHOTO / Hiroki Kawata