十文字町の家_石川素樹 House in Jumonjimachi_MOTOKI ISHIKAWA ARCHITECT AND ASSOCIATES INC. Motoki Ishikawa







構造担当 / 森永信行_ mono
竣工日 / 2019年
構造・構法 / 木造
敷地面積 / 941.71㎡
建築面積 / 158.99㎡
延床面積 / 132.49㎡


Architecture for Specific Conditions

Yokote Basin in Akita Prefecture, which is approximately 1,000 square meters, surrounded by enormous rice fields overlooking scattered farmhouses and mountains. It is one of the areas that have the heaviest snowfall with long winters and short summers. There was a challenge of how to utilize such a large site area due to its hot and humid summer and cold and snowy winter, which is a climate characteristic of basin, with limited budget.

The solution was to assemble the garage, the sunroom, and the residence with all same two-angle corner units of the same configuration. Simple cloth foundations were arranged only on the short sides to reduce the amount of foundation, and completely ventilated the floor under the humid condition, and made it possible to install and store the snow enclosure against snow dropping from the roof. By limiting the types and amounts of the wooden part, and make the sill/column/beam in same dimensions, the simplicity of the processing is enhanced, and it enabled to simply the roof, which can be wrapped seamlessly with insulation and moisture-permeable waterproof paper suitable for this climate, and drops snow. The construction of the traditional wall with exposed timber pillars made of lauan plywood with a thick veneer can be easily made by local carpenters, thus enabled a low-cost and short-period construction, where construction is often interrupted by snow.

Between each room, there is a sunroom that serves as a buffer area, a space for guests, a playground for children, and a space for married couples. Horizontal and vertical panels and detachable hollow polycarbonate can be inserted there to create depth with light and shadow. By creating the space for various uses of the same frame continuously, we maximized the use of this long site, which extends 50 meters from east to west.

These simple and low cost units are easy to increase or decrease, which means they are easy to handle in the future. On top of that, they are suited for peculiar local conditions such as spacious site or limited budget, because they are easy enough to be made by local craftsmen with local materials. We considered the universality of minimal architectures, which was derived from the harsh environment and the unique conditions.

Structural Engineer / Nobuyuki Morinaga_mono
Year / 2019
Main Structure and Construction / Wooden
Building area / 941.71m²
Building scale / 158.99m²
Total floor area / 132.49m²