Long Circuit_松下徹 Long Circuit_Tohru Matsushita


また、今回のタイトルのLong Circuitとは、漏電(Short Circuit)の対になる造語だ。今回電気の放電を視覚化する作品が2種類ある予定なので、そこにも意味がかかっていたりする。 ー松下徹

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There is always a repetition in the production process, which includes a time of 'waiting'. In a way, I'm repeating times that seem untitled, but I'm intuitively wondering what to do next, what to do with that one. The result of that part of time is an "imaginary work that does not exist," which I imagine is paired with the work in front of me now. I think it would be interesting if we could see that it doesn't actually exist.

In addition, the title "Long Circuit" is a coined word for "Short Circuit". There are two works that visualize the discharge of electricity, so that's what's at stake.-Tohru Matsushita

Gallery / HARUKAITO by island