西参道テラス_石川素樹 Nishisando Terrace_MOTOKI ISHIKAWA ARCHITECT AND ASSOCIATES INC. Motoki Ishikawa






構造担当 / 森永信行_mono
竣工日 / 2016年
構造・構法 / 鉄筋コンクリート造、木造
敷地面積 / 353.10㎡
建築面積 / 208.25㎡
延床面積 / 481.06㎡


写真 / Masao Nishikawa

This building is a separated-townhouse style condominium with 4 lower volume three-storied houses standing on the site near the midtown lined with big volume buildings.
Simple rectangle plan and complex 3D-construction enable to control eyes from each building and makes flow line from common space by simple operation like rotate plan.
The common space with lushly green that connecting buildings while moderately keeping distance from each other and the private gardens where beautiful sun lite coming though lattice gives spatial expansion and makes the life in the building as rich as the one in detached housing.
The cedar lattice surrounding outside the building secure the privacy and security, also lessen difference of temperature between inside and outside by avoiding direct san light for that restrain degradation of building body.
The simple square separated plan unified structure frame rule and spiral 3D-construction made by connecting different level private garden, each room and stair hall make the best of feeling the volume of this building.
The change of expression by the color discoloration of the carder boards with the year and controlled proportions may let this building continue to be organical and blend with momentarily changing surroundings in the town condominiums.

Structural Engineer / Nobuyuki Morinaga_mono
Year / 2016
Main Structure and Construction / Reinforced Concrete & Wooden
Building area / 353.10m²
Building scale / 208.25m²
Total floor area / 481.06m²


PHOTO / Masao Nishikawa