RX BIKE __ 倉林貴彦+藤井亮介 RX BIKE / Takahiko Kurabayashi(Kurabayashi Architects) + Ryosuke Fujii(fujiilab.)





竣工日 / 2020年4月
延床面積 / 95.63m2


This bike shop which mainly carries competitive road bikes is equipped with a fitness studio along with sales.

One cannot help but feel excited when faced with a scenery unique to a sports bike shop where walls and ceilings are covered with various items of sizes and shapes including frames, wheels, small components and parts.

We designed an extremely simple and flexible system to realize this integrated display and scenery: colored MDF boards with 5mm diameter perforations in 25 mm grid and a 4mm wire mesh in 100mm grid spacing which is usually used for reinforced concrete. These two materials combined in such simple detail is not typically found at construction sites. This combination of materials allows for easy attachment of hooks and other systems to hang anywhere, making it possible to display the products all around the space.

The space which is optimised with simple yet flexible system is parallel to the spirit of road bikes where one customises a bike to the best fit for the user’s body by combining parts as minimal and effective as possible.

Year / Apr 2020
Total floor area / 95.63m2