「鮎の光明」by 丹羽優太 “Silver Lining by Catfish” by YUTA NIWA


臨済禅の本山東福寺の中にある塔頭寺院 光明院。創建は1391年。

展示期間 / 2021.4.2-2021.4.18
延床面積 / 600㎡


タイトル:炎下微笑図 大鯰列島図襖絵(西面)



タイトル:猿猴取鯰図 部分






Silver Lining by Catfish
Alas! The mountain peak conceals the moon
Her constant light’s denied to me a boon

This is the last verse of the Hojoki (commonly translated as “Record of the Ten-Foot-Square-Hut”), written by Kamo no Chomei, who lived alone in Shimogamo (northern Kyoto), secluded from the world. The Hojoki is a lyrical telling of successive natural and man-made disasters in 13th century Kyoto, and its depiction aligns with the precarious state of our world at the moment. In recent years, just as in those days, many disasters have been raging, and even now there is still no sign of an end to the pandemic. The fear of the unseen is growing in our minds, and something black always appears in times like these. Large black creatures, such as snakes, giant salamanders and catfishes, are believed to be the cause of disasters and pandemics, and we continuously see them through pictures and words to the present day. Why do they appear, and what do they want to tell us? Is it a warning, is it laughing at the confused people, or is it a hope for people to overcome their hardships? I sincerely hope that they are the salvation of the dark times, like the moonlight coming out of the mountains to light up the world.

About Komyoin Zen Temple
Komyoin is known as the sub-temple of Tofuku-ji Temple, one of the main temple of Rinzai Zen sect. Komyoin was founded in 1391, the Zen garden "Hashin-tei" and the tea room "Ragetsuan" in this property are the master works of Mirei Shigemori who is a prolific landscape artist based in Kyoto from the late 1920's.

Date / 2021.4.2-2021.4.18
Total floor area / 600㎡


Title: Buddha's smile in the fire/Ōnamazu Shaking Up the Archipelago (West side)

Title: Ōnamazu Shaking Up the Archipelago (East side)

Title: Ōnamazu Shaking Up the Archipelago (Katori Jingu)

Title: Monkey reaching for the namazu (partial)

Title: Monkey reaching for the namazu

Title: East Mountain walks on the water (Yama-kujira)

Title: East Mountain walks on the water (Umi-inoshishi)

Title: Hashin under the moon

Title: Pine, crane and catfish