京の温所 釜座二条__中村好文 Kyo no Ondokoro KAMANZA-NIJO__Yoshifumi Nakamura


竣工日 / 2018年08月01日
構造・工法 / 木造・伝統工法
規模 / 2階建て
敷地面積 / 87.07 ㎡
建築面積 / 47.11 ㎡
延床面積 / 82.13 ㎡


KAMANZA-NIJO is a place where you can spend the time quietly while located in the town with good transportation access and close to Nijo Castle.This 150-year-old (estimated) small Kyomachiya house was reborn as a residence overflowing with light nestled close to modern life. There is a kitchen & dining room that envelops you with warmth, a pleasant tooriniwa (passageway) atrium, a bathroom bathed in the scent of hinoki cypress and a garden library overlooking a 100-year-old tree. Please spend a relaxing time here as though you are at home while soaking up the history built up in this small Kyomachiya house.

Completion Date / 2018.08.01
Main Structure and Construction / wooden
Size / 2 levels above ground
Building area / 87.07 ㎡
Building scale / 47.11 ㎡
Total floor area / 82.13 ㎡