森の図書館_三井嶺 Library in the forest_REI MITSUI





構造担当 / 坂田涼太郎構造設計事務所
竣工日 / 2019年
構造・構法 / 木造 在来軸組 (地下:RC造)
規模 / 地下1階、地上2階+ロフト
敷地面積 / 196.87㎡
建築面積 / 73.65㎡
延床面積 / 147.88㎡


A private residence in Zushi, Kanagawa Prefecture.
The site was located at the foot of a foothill and the steep mountain face was covered with trees.

The client wanted to have a place to live as a "librarian" in the corner of the "library" as their home and work space. Therefore, there are no room names such as living room or dining room. The bedroom and kitchen, which are necessary for the house, are stacked in a staircase shape, and the rest of the house is devoted to reading rooms and bookshelves.

The roof, which encompasses the whole building, is composed as if it were made up of a bunch of small square pieces of wood, with the motif of the branches of trees covering the mountain. The roof is 11 meters long and has windows that are cut into the roof. The light shining in through the crescent-shaped slit window shifts slowly, depending on the weather and time of day.

The generous cover, which holds tens of thousands of books, is a place for books and people, filled with calm light.

Structural Engineer / Ryotaro Sakata Structural Engineers
Year / 2019
Main Structure and Construction / Timber frame(Basement: Reinforced Concrete )
Size / 1 basement floor and 2-storey above the ground
Building area / 196.87m²
Building scale / 73.65m²
Total floor area / 147.88m²