8.5 House_DOG/齋藤隆太郎 8.5 House_DOG / Ryutaro Saito


構造担当 / 金田泰裕_yasuhiro kaneda STRUCTURE
竣工日 / 2019年
構造・構法 / 木造
規模 / 2階
敷地面積 / 123.31㎡
建築面積 / 55.95㎡
延床面積 / 87.23㎡


写真 / 高栄智史

This project is a small atelier-style house (87.23㎡) that will be built along the Tokaido Road that Hiroshige has walked and drawn. And this house is home to three generations of painter, his wife, infant and husband's mother. The design began with the idea of transmitting a large exhibition wall for decorating his work to the city with a maximum length on the diagonal of the site, and decided to separate the living area from the atelier with the exhibition wall. The theme is to open an atelier in Ninomiya-cho, located between Oiso (eighth post town) and Odawara (ninth post town), and to have the owner spin the fifty-three stations of the Tokaido. In addition, with a homage, the sloped roof that doubles as a wall on the Tokaido on the northern side of the site reduces the feeling of pressure on the city with showing a sculptural form. The steep sloping roof and the diagonal exhibition wall are crossed to create a three-dimensional figure of "wide / narrow" or "high / low" crossing space. By creating a scale error in daily life and shaking the feeling, this house will be a house of imagination for the painter, and a tasteful home for the family.

Structural Engineer / yasuhiro kaneda STRUCTURE
Year / 2019
Main Structure and Construction / Wooden
Size / 2-story above the ground
Building area / 123.31m²
Building scale / 55.95m²
Total floor area / 87.23m²


PHOTO / Satoshi Takae