中町の家__石川 素樹 House in Nakamachi__Motoki Ishikawa


構造担当 / mono 森永 信行
竣工日 / 2021年
構造・構法 / 木造
規模 / 2階
敷地面積 / 129.52㎡
建築面積 / 63.63㎡
延床面積 / 102.64㎡

写真: 西川 公朗




















Surrounded by neighboring houses, we sought a way of being that is not a dichotomy of openness and closeness. The building is a simple conventional wooden structure with a reasonable span, and each room is made with a low volume, and openings with uniform sizes and fittings are arranged like a grid in both plan and sectional directions. The grid-based plan incorporates the placement of intermediate areas such as under the eaves, the position of openings, and the flow lines that allow circulation throughout the interior and exterior. The second floor is more clearly lit by the gradation of light from different heights and orientations. The second floor is more clearly lit by changes in height and orientation. These changes in light and shadow, combined with the orderliness and continuity of the plan, naturally create a sense of ambiguity, as if the outside is inside the inside, or the outside is part of the inside, creating an appearance of depth despite its simple rectangular form. In addition to these louvers, original products that fall somewhere between handmade and industrial products were developed with manufacturers and incorporated into the walls, floors, ceilings, water features, furniture, fixtures, lighting, and even small parts. While expressing continuity through the unification of materials, each product is of the same standard and does not require difficult installation, which allows for simplified construction and improved quality. These products were released together with the architecture under the name "S2M. Structural Engineer / mono Nobuyuki Morinaga Year / 2021 Main Structure and Construction / Wooden Size / 2nd floor Building area / 129.52㎡ Building scale / 63.63㎡ Total floor area / 102.64㎡ photo : Masao Nishikawa