葉山のリノベーション_尾形良樹/SALT Galleryist House rinovation_OgataYoshiki/SALT


構造担当 / 尾形良樹(尾形良樹+SALT)平尾絢香(尾形良樹+SALT)
家具制作 / 永田幹(iei studio)
竣工日 / 2017年
規模 / 110㎡
延床面積 / 110㎡


写真 / YASAKA Mariko

Renovating an old apartment in Hayama, Hayama.
The client is art director Takahiro Kaneshima, who has a huge collection of art, and we decided to create a residence that could contain it.
There is also a palace in Hayama, which is rich in nature and scenic. There is also a beach within walking distance, so you can relax in all seasons.
Since it is an old condominium, we decided to design the house by reducing the building parts in order to keep other costs down while renewing the facilities.
First of all, the material of the corridor from the entrance to the balcony was ripped up for three reasons: to take the art in and out, to go to the beach frequently, and to have guests over.
The points of movement with dirt feet are the corridors, the dining room, and a single path to the veranda.
A guest room, bedroom, bath, toilet, art storage and living room are arranged on the left and right side of the street.
In addition, a single road connecting the bedroom, art storage and living room was installed as a private flow line with wood flooring.
This plan, with two earthen floors and a private corridor arranged vertically, is a room in an apartment with the image of an annex that is both a residence and an annex inside a gallery.

Structural Engineer / Yoshiki Ogata(+SALT), Ayaka Hirao(+SALT)
Furniture / Kan Nagata(iei studio)
Year / 2017
Size / 110㎡
Total floor area / 110㎡